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Introducing, Iceland Beyond, a boutique travel agency specialising in immersive, tailor-made family and wellness holidays in Iceland. The company is made up of a team of passionate Icelandic experts and is part of one of the largest travel agencies in Iceland, Iceland Tourist Bureau (ITB). Iceland Beyond prides itself in providing a bespoke service that utilises local expertise to create personalised family and wellness itineraries for travellers looking to discover Iceland.


Since 2011 Iceland Beyond has maintained a specific focus on the family travel market and has established itself as a leading player in this sector despite larger tour operators offering family itineraries within their portfolios. A genuine passion for all things Icelandic, expertise honed over many years and a clear focus on offering personally tailored family holidays, sets Iceland Beyond apart from its competitors.

With the rapid growth of health and wellness travel market in recent years, Iceland Beyond has developed a series of bespoke wellness packages to showcase Iceland’s sensational natural spa culture. The country’s dramatic physical landscape, characterised by thermal lagoons, hot springs and lush waterfalls, makes Iceland the Nordic playground for immersive wellness travel in 2017. From high-quality spa treatments to secret hot springs in the heart of nature, Iceland Beyond can design once-in-a lifetime wellness experiences.


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