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Written by Shellwood Blake on 21st September 2018

yogahaven is a boutique collection of urban yoga studios offering hot yoga at all levels and practices.  Launched in 2003 and with locations in Clapham, Richmond and Birmingham, yogahaven was one of the original pioneers in offering a dedicated hot yoga studio.

Founder Allie Hill developed her own style of hot yoga called “leela” meaning play in Sanskrit.  Her signature “Hot Flow” class is 60 minutes of vinyasa flow which gives both the mind and body a full workout.  The Hot Flow classes are a cornerstone of a weekly schedule packed with variety and levels to suit everyone from the complete beginner through to the dedicated yogi, regardless of the individual’s flexibility or strength. While yogahaven is known for the hot classes, non-heated practices are also on offer throughout the day.

We describe yogahaven’s offering as function meets inspiration; functional because the varied schedule addresses all aspects of health, fitness and meditation, and inspirational because of the yogahaven teachers, community and supplementary workshops and guest-led classes.

Outside of the studios, the facilities are run by a cheery and personable body of staff and the changing rooms are spotless.

Shellwood Blake

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Shellwood Blake

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