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The current collection includes Almanac Barcelona and the new Almanac X Prague, the latter launching in full in late 2022. The launch of a third property, Almanac Vienna is scheduled for early 2023, with a string of others to follow.

Almanac is the brainchild of the Haselbacher Family and owned by the Vienna-based WSF Group. More than just a place to stay, Almanac offers a collection of unique curated experiences: a living, breathing guide to each respective city; an opportunity to get under the skin of the local neighbourhood and experience its charm and authenticity.

Every Almanac hotel tells a story, which is evident both in the bricks and mortar of the property as well as the team of staff who are very much rooted in the local, and all have a wealth of local intel at their fingertips.

With the opening of the Prague property comes the launch of the brand-new Almanac X Hotel Collection. This new venture has more of an epicurean bent: a focus on local food and drink cultures and more of a living guide to local delicacies, specifically.

Beginning with Almanac X Prague, each hotel will champion traditional, seasonal, sustainable fare but with a pioneering and fresh approach: an authentic yet re-imagined culinary experience.


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