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Elephant Family

Elephant Family is a small dynamic NGO on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction. They look out for both elephants and human families, funding pioneering solutions such as elephant corridors.

If the wild herds of Asia’s elephants could thank one man it would be Mark Shand who led the charge at Elephant Family.

Mark dedicated the last 27 years of his life to saving the Asian elephant and approached the task at full throttle. He made his life’s purpose to bring this forgotten animal to your attention and became their greatest champion.

As a passionate conservationist, Mark was closely attuned to their plight. He knew that their habitat was disappearing at a terrifying rate and that it was critical to keep pace. Today just 5% of that habitat remains.

Elephant Family is working with determination to honour Mark’s remarkable legacy and ensure wild elephant populations roam freely across Asia long into the future.

£15 million has been raised to date with over 150 projects supported throughout Asia. Each fundraising event adds a new chapter to this eccentric and colourful journey; generating more stories, more iconic imagery and saving more elephants.

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