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Kurhotel Skodsborg

Skodsborg upholds a particular focus on promoting a healthy approach to life that has been intrinsic to the hotels philosophy since it was established 115 years ago.

The luxury spa hotel was originally a sanatorium founded by Dr. Carl Ottosen in 1898. At the time, it was highly acclaimed for its expertise on physiotherapy and for its preventive approach with spa stays and healthy living.

Ottosen’s expertise lives on at Kurhotel Skodsborg, where his philosophies have been further developed into new efficient treatments, fulfilling the desires of modern man to take care of oneself, stay in great physical shape and get the optimum out of life.

The stunning, minimalist spa and fitness centre is an architectural paradise, equipped with state of the art exercise machines and spa facilities, enjoyed by over 1,800 Danish members. Skodsborg’s spa philosophy is based on Dr Carl Ottosen’s principles for a healthy life: light, air, water, nutrition, exercise and rest.

The hotel’s professionally trained therapists have developed the principles into contemporary treatments. The star treatment is ‘SaunaGus’, an aromatherapy sauna, where a ‘Gusmester’ infuses the air with pure essential oils giving a mild scent that combined with the heat enhances relaxation and tranquillity.

Each session finishes by diving into the Baltic Sea to juxtapose the extreme heat and push your physical and mental limits.

Kurhotel Skodsborg is situated in the most beautiful part of North Zealand, the wealthiest area of Copenhagen in between the ocean and the forest, also bordering Dyrehaven, one of the most exquisite UNESCO Heritage nature reserves in Denmark.

Skodsborg is the Knightsbridge equivalent of London located a 20-minute drive from central Copenhagen attracting high-end social hub of locals as well as international guests. Kurhotel Skodsborg’s state of the art facilities and brand new refurbishment makes it irresistible for a luxurious spa weekend break.

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