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Relief Riders

For over a decade, Relief Riders International has taken intrepid explorers on unforgettable horseback journeys to the most far-flung corners of the earth.

From the mountains and rainforests of South America to the open plains and rolling dunes of Rajasthan, each ride offers an unforgettable adventure. Riding through remote and unspoilt landscapes to provide humanitarian aid to local rural communities, Relief Riders International quite literally takes you off the beaten track.

Taking the art of slow travel into a new realm, Relief Riders International is as much about philanthropy as it is self-discovery: escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life to re-set, re-connect and re-boot.

Think mornings waking up under canvas to the sound of birdsong; days spent crossing plains, valleys and mountains on beautiful Marwari and Criollo horses; and evenings around the campfire sharing safari tales over a hearty supper.

Behind each ride is a genuine and pressing humanitarian cause. Since 2004, Relief Riders International has improved the lives of 25,000 people, including 18,700 children across India, Turkey and Ecuador. It is this philanthropic bent that sets Relief Riders International apart from other horse safaris.

While the Andres/Amazon Relief Ride is in conjunction with the Ecuadorian Red Cross and includes two medical camps (covering ophthalmology, dentistry, CPR and gynaecology), November’s Pushkar Ride focusses on resourcing remote schools, the Give A Goat programme and a dental, eye and obstetrics medical camp.

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