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Head Talks

Head Talks aims to inform, inspire and engage those interested in the mind and mental wellbeing. Find people speaking from the heart and from their own experience. Take away knowledge and practical steps towards better mental health

Head Talks aims to provide you with knowledge, inspiration and a sense of community so you can create your own toolbox to fix and maintain mental health. Everyone is unique and finds inspiration and sense of wellbeing from many different sources.

Each of their journeys is unique, whether it’s to recovery or simply feeling better in the world.

You’ll find True Stories from people who have struggled with mental illness. In Struggle and Success, you can hear inspirational accounts of people who have battled mental health challenges, developed their own mental toolbox for recovery and are now leading stable, happy and purposeful lives.

We host talks on cutting edge and age-old therapies: Feed Your Mind provides food for thought and will nourish your mental wellbeing. 

Off Grid Therapy features alternative ideas, activities and therapies that are not mainstream but could be really effective in boosting your mental wellbeing. Finally, on our Head Talks blog you’ll find news about Head Talks, talks with interesting people we’ve met on our travels, and our take on the world of the mind.

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